One Punch Man Chapter 238: NEO Organization’s Forces – King Meets Silver Fang

One Punch Man Chapter 238

One Punch Man Chapter 238: NEO Organization’s Forces – King Meets Silver Fang

Spoiler for One Punch Man Chapter 238, Summary of Chapter 237:In addition to the developments mentioned above, the next chapter might also bring us a reunion with Flashy Flash – who currently wants Saitama to become his disciple!

Summary of One Punch Man Chapter 237:
To execute the “plan,” Zombieman meets with Child Emperor. At this moment, the boy is quite stressed, so the exchange cannot last long. Zombieman then goes to meet Genus, requesting him to remove his limitations. As for Child Emperor, after learning the truths about the Hero Association, he gathers his belongings and moves to NEO. Metal Knight states that the current organization needs an “icon,” a supreme hero for everyone to follow. The chosen individual is none other than Saitama.
In subsequent developments, McCoy reveals his true face. He knows the true identity of Metal Knight and his plan. When the time is ripe, Neo will overthrow Metal Knight to officially become the most powerful organization.

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Spoiler for One Punch Man Chapter 238:
Child Emperor’s investigations are not wrong. The Hero Association also has its own hidden corners. However, NEO is not any better – they just haven’t revealed themselves yet. What NEO is doing is definitely more horrifying than the current association.
The story of One Punch Man is gradually building up to the climax – the battle between the Hero Association and NEO. Metal Knight’s plan will not succeed; instead, it will cause many troubles for him. The truth about Metal Knight will be revealed by McCoy to the world in the next 3 – 5 chapters.
The truth about Metal Knight might be related to Dr. Genus and Zombieman. This character is certainly not an ordinary “human.” He is just trying to conceal his true nature. Despite his deceptive appearance, Metal Knight’s heroic spirit is genuine. The upcoming developments will focus entirely on this character.
At NEO, Child Emperor will soon meet Metal Bat and Black Sperm. Meanwhile, King will meet Silver Fang to learn how to increase his own strength (rather than pretending like the encounter with Atomic Samurai, which ended comically).
In the next 1 – 2 chapters, Flashy Flash will meet Saitama to ask him to become his disciple. Of course, Saitama refuses, so they have a minor confrontation. No matter how confident Flashy Flash is, he is soundly defeated. However, even after experiencing defeat… Flash remains very arrogant!

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