One Piece Chapter 1092: The Tense Confrontation Between Luffy and Kizaru!

One Piece Chapter 1092: The Tense Confrontation Between Luffy and Kizaru!

The Four Emperors’ Luffy officially engages in a spectacular battle with the formidable opponent Admiral Kizaru in One Piece Chapter 1092!

Recap of Chapter 1091:

Sentomaru was defeated by Kizaru, and Lucci had intentions of ‘assassinating’ Vegapunk but was discovered by Zoro, inadvertently leading to a confrontation between them. Luffy also had to step in to challenge Kizaru. In other developments, a group of monsters and Pacifista III combined their forces to strongly resist the Navy’s invasion of Egghead Island.

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Chapter 1092 Title: “The Incident of the ‘Tyrant Assault on the Holy Land.”

The chapter begins with Kuma’s attack on the Holy Land Mary Geoise. Some guards try to stop him, but Kuma activates ‘Ursus Shock’ to dispatch them in an instant, injuring a few Heavenly Dragons as well.

Afterwards, Fleet Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu) arrives to suppress Kuma’s actions. Following Akainu’s capture of Bonney two years ago, there is a brief flashback (continuing from Chapter 595). In this memory, Akainu and Bonney have a conversation, with Akainu believing that her father willingly accepted his modifications.

Returning to the present, an intense showdown between two evenly matched opponents, Luffy and Kizaru, takes place on Egghead Island. The entire chapter is filled with the battle scenes between Kizaru and Luffy in Snake-man form.

Luffy has now entered Gear 4 Snake Man mode, and Kizaru begins his powerful assault with a devastating kick.

Luffy activates Gear 5 and uses his colossal hands to grab hold of Kizaru. Upon hearing the sound of the Liberation Drum of Nika, the ancient robot’s eyes suddenly light up. Is this a sign of its awakening?

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