One Piece Chapter 1091: Kizaru VS Sentomaru – Vegapunk Deals with York

One Piece Chapter 1091

One Piece Chapter 1091: Kizaru VS Sentomaru – Vegapunk Deals with York

Spoiler for One Piece Chapter 1091, summarizing the content of Chapter 1090:

To buy time, Sentomaru confronts his “buddy” Kizaru. Meanwhile, Vegapunk tries to deactivate the dome and deal with the traitor York! The informant Lucci will also be discovered!

In an attempt to negotiate, the Five Elder Stars converse with Luffy. Straw Hat requests that the Marines withdraw if they want to protect York’s life. In the meantime, Kizaru employs Devil Fruit powers to advance onto the island. Sentomaru immediately intercepts. In the final developments, Vegapunk plans to use Vegaforce01 to leave the island.

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With the current events of One Piece Chapter 1091, it appears that the Straw Hat crew will be departing in a few more chapters. Sentomaru is tasked with obstructing Kizaru. There is a significant connection between these two characters, so future developments will likely explain more about them. The time Sentomaru stalls Kizaru will give Vegapunk more time to decipher the protective layer’s password.

While the situation is still in turmoil, Lucci will continue providing information to the Marines. The Marines might lose Vegapunk here, but they will soon dispatch troops to Elbaf.

Vegapunk probably understands the desires of the Five Elder Stars better than anyone else. For the greater cause, he might destroy the nuclear furnace or at least do something to prevent the Marines from producing more Mother Flame. Killing York is a feasible option, but it doesn’t sound very humane. Perhaps Vegapunk will reprogram her.

The Straw Hat crew is preparing to depart, so what about Lucci and Kaku? Someone in the crew might soon uncover Lucci’s suspicious behavior, so will they… dispose of them perhaps? This progression doesn’t sound very pleasant, so we’ll have to wait and see what Oda-sensei has in store.

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