Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236

Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 236

Chap starts with Geto saying ‘Yo’ to Gojo who’s looking stupified. Gojo says ‘this is awful’. Geto pouts & says Gojo is being rude.

Gojo says he told his students that ‘when you die, you are alone’. So he hopes this is just an imagination. Geto asks ‘who cares?’. Gojo replies ‘It matters. Abt my father…’ but then leaves the topic saying he left it to Shoko to handle so its alright.

Umm, Gojo’s father?

Geto asks how was King of Curses. Gojo answers that Sukuna was damn strong & he didn’t even go all in for it. Gojo says he’s not sure if he could win even if Sukuna didn’t had Megumi’s CT. Geto is surprised that Sukuna made Gojo of all people to admit that.

Gojo says he gave his everything. His trained body, the techniques he learnt, the talent he brushed, inspiration & explosive powers. He says he wanted them to reach Sukuna & hopes it will reach to him. Gojo says it was fun.

Gojo says he feels sorry for Sukuna cuz he didnt give his all to Gojo. Geto says that made him feel jealous but if Gojo is satisfied with it then he’s good. Gojo says he would’ve been satisfied if Geto was also there to give a slap on his back to motivate him.

Nanami says he once talked with Geto about leaving all the job to Gojo. Cuz Gojo didn’t consider Jujutsu as smth to live or protect. Rather Nanami says Gojo’s a pervert cuz he used sorcerery to satisfy himself.

Gojo says he’s glad that what killed him is not time or disease but someone stronger than him. Nanami chimes in to say it’s disgusting to here all that from Gojo cuz he sounds like a samurai general.

Haibara adds that it’s something everyone noticed but didn’t say out loud.

Nanami says he won’t justify Gojo’s last moments but will feel sympathy for him. Gojo thanks Nanami for that.

When Gojo asks how was it for Nanami (his last moments), Nanami answers that he had once asked Mei san abt it & she had suggested to:

1) Move North, if you are looking for a new side of yourself.

2) Move South, if you want to stay who you are.

Nanami says he choosed South without any doubt. His last moments wasn’t so bad thanks to Haibara too.

Gojo then bids farewell to everyone. Geto, Yaga, Nanami, Haibara, Riko, Kuroi.


Back to reality. We see Sukuna explaining Mahoraga’s adaption. Once Maho recieves an attack, it’ll gradually adapt to it over time. & the more attack it takes, the faster it’ll adapt. Sukuna says he expected Maho to be a ‘Role Model’ which passes through Gojo’s infinity.

Mahoraga was first adapting to Gojo’s infinity. It was changing the CE so that it would neutralize infinity. And when Mahoraga shot the slash, it wasn’t the same as Sukuna. It expanded the CT target to not just Gojo but to the space, world itself & cut it.

We then see Gojo has been cut in half as Sukuna explains that infinity doesn’t matters if the entire world can be cut.

Sukuna: “Good job Gojo Satoru. I will never forget about you”.

As Sukuna says don’t let me down, Narrator explains that without any moment of feeling sorrow for Gojo’s death, the one that came in is Thunder God, HAJIME KASHIMO.

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