Jujutsu Kaisen Chap 238

Jujutsu Kaisen Chap 238

Chap begins with Kashimo analysing Sukuna with his X ray enhanced eyes. Narrator says Kashimo was seeing “PERFECTION”. Even tho his body is deformed he can still use all of the body functions.

Narrator then explains that even if Sukuna had to use hand signs, his other 2 hands will be free. He can use non-stop chants without straining his lungs due to having more mouths. He’s just more superior than any other sorcerers.

Sukuna had finished off the “Five Void Generals” & “Sun, Moon & Star Squad” of North Fujiwara clan and also made the “Desshichin squad” of Sugawara clan & angels from Abe clan retreat.

Kashimo is mesmerized & calls Sukuna ‘Beautiful’ & then proceeds to attack. But Sukuna grabs hold of Kashimo & punches him away.

Sukuna begins chanting for an attack while warning Kashimo to dodge it.

Sukuna then launches a huge “DISMANTLE” slash!! Kashimo realises that that’s the attack which ended Gojo.

Kashimo calls that attack as “slash that cuts the world!!”. Sukuna then says that a stupid person once tried to teach him love and said he’s alone cuz theres no person on his level. Sukuna says she chose wrong person to teach love & should’ve told it to Gojo or Kashimo.

Sukuna then continues his attack & even overwhelmes Kashimo with quick movements.


Sukuna begins to preach Kashimo whos now in Hein era form. Sukuna says Kashimo must be challenged by many guys in attempt to get acknowledged from him. & Kashimo must have killed those people by his hands. Sukuna then asks if thats not showing mercy, then what else is?

Kashimo reverts back to current form as Sukuna continues to say that we (the strongests) are loved cuz we are stronger. Then why worry abt loneliness. Kashimo then asks that should’ve satisfied Sukuna but why did he still travel to current time by splitting his soul?

Sukuna says, after understanding he can now declare that LOVE IS TRASH.

Sukuna says he’s never thought of being satisfied by another. He eats when wants to. He’ll kill if someone’s an eyesore. Or play if someone seems fun. He just lives at his own scale. And if others can’t measure him then it’s their problem.

When Kashimo asks if he was bored, Sukuna says the flavour of humans are diverse & ephemeral. It’s perfect to sip on it & kill time untill he dies.

Back to reality. The domain which had trapped Hakari & Uraume breaks & Sukuna notices someone’s arrival.

ITADORI YUJI & HIGURUMA HIROMI ARRIVE AT THE BATTLEFIELD!! But Sukuna shit talks Yuji, asking him “What could you possibly even do brat?

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